pressureIn this section you will find information about machines used to generate a pressure rise for air and other gasses.

Our product program for pressure can be divided into 3 main areas:

  • low pressure rise: fans
  • middle pressure rise: PD blowers, side channel blowers, oil free rotary vane compressors and single stage turbo compressors.
  • middle high pressure rise: Rotary vane compressors, multi stage turbo compressors and screw compressors.

As known it is not enough to define these machine groups only out from their capability of generating a pressure rise, the volume flow goes hand to hand with the pressure rise in order to determine a machine. With other words, it is always the needed duty point or duty area in which the machine is intented to operate, which will define the group of machines to be looked at.

Moreover, the process it self, in which the machine is going to be incorporated, is obviously of radical importance. For example a turbo compressor will not always be the best choice for processes where a constant volumetric capacity and variable pressure are needed. Under such operating characteristics it will often be a better idea to use a PD blower as its characteristic curve follows the described situation.

Operating temperatures as well as the gas handled are also of great significance for a proper machine configuration. In our company we are also capable of solving most tasks in both corrosive and/or explosive environments.

If you don’t find the specific solution for your application through these pages, please do net hesitate to contact us. We are very often able to solve a problem or simply advise for a proper solution for different applications.

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Gugliotta & Co; Pressure Team