vacuumGugliotta & Co is your vacuum specialist.

In the vacuum sector no task is too big or too small for us. We give solutions in the whole vacuum spectrum. From ultra high vacuum to rough vacuum.

Today you find our vacuum machines and engineering solutions in connection with laboratories, pneumatic convey systems, graphic equipment, packing machines, car industry, vacuum lifters and much more.

Also in the vacuum sector our focus is selecting the right engineering solution for the given application. We never sell a machine with out understanding the process in which it will be incorporated. This is our most important selling value.

In the Vacuum section of this site you will find root blowers, lateral channel blowers, rotary vane pumps, piston pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, screw pumps and vacuum motors. By inquiring we can also select the right turbo molecular pumps, diffusions pumps and other equipment for the ultra high vacuum.

Our special engineering solutions and systems also include central or decentralised vacuum systems. Depending on the application we can consider different solutions customizing your system. We are experts in controlling vacuum and saving water, electricity and evacuation time.

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Gugliotta & Co, Vacuum Team